15 the majority of loving Anime Nerds as preferred by Fans.Goo rank requested japan group to vote with their favored.

15 the majority of loving Anime Nerds as preferred by Fans.Goo rank requested japan group to vote with their favored.

Several of the most relatable Anime Nerds characters were enormous in-universe fans de technologie! These people love anime, game, manga, as well as other nerdy hobbies just as much as watchers do, that could build these people a huge next.

Goo Ranking need japan society to vote for their preferred geeky figures! Here are the best 15 selections of a lot of loving anime nerd.

15. Nagi Sanzenin From Hayate the Combat Butler 64 ballots

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Nagi Sanzenin may be the only heir for the Sanzenin fortune, are really the only survivor of the household besides the lady grandpa.

This woman isnt merely the typical rich girl. Dialing this model rich could be attempting to sell the close.

14. Hajime Tsunashi From we Cant determine what My Husband is Saying 67 votes

Kaorus 23-year-old otaku wife which at first scrapes by support as a writer whom feedback a variety of different types of nerd mass media from video game titles to anime.

This individual eventually begins working as a web beautiful.

13. Erika Karisawa From Durarara!! 70 ballots

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Erika Karisawa try an affiliate of the money might generally be observed creating during city with her friends Walker Yumasaki, Saburo Togusa, and Kyouhei Kadota.

She and Walker are exceedingly close because of their every getting otaku, people focused on anime and manga. Erika can also be a cosplayer and a fujoshi, keen on passionate male commitments in manga and books.

12. Tomoya Aki From Saekano: ideas promote a Boring girl 71 votes

Tomoya happens to be described as a hardcore geek. But he is the three perhaps most obviously people at Toyogasaki Academy, together with Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, due to his own strong advocating of otaku culture on college.

11. Itaru Hashida From Steins;Gate 75 votes

Itaru Hashida (generally referred to their nickname Daru) would be the tetartagonist of this visual creative and anime collection Steins;Gate.

He could be a part of the Future unit clinical and it is the right-hand people of Rintarou Okabe.

10. Walker Yumasaki From Durarara!! 81 votes

Walker Yumasaki, is actually a member associated with Dollars as well as generally seen operating surrounding the area his own good friends Erika Karisawa, Saburo Togusa, and Kyouhei Kadota.

Like Erika, he is a separate otaku, anyone involved with anime and manga, as well as the two good friends are generally usually together.

9. Kirino Kousaka From Oreimo 93 ballots

Kirino Kosaka may be the primary heroine of the line. Kyousukes young cousin in addition to the youngest of the two siblings on the Kousaka parents.

The woman is an overachiever that apparently resides an ideal lives and its idolized by almost everyone.

8. Junichirou Kagami From perfect Otaku instructor 103 votes

Junichirou Kagami will be the major champion of Denpa Kyoushi. He had been a scholar beginner, however the man didnt succeed.

Sooner, his own younger sister, Kagami Suzune, brings your away from home through getting your a career at their alma mater as a Physics teacher.

7. Kotaro Takebayashi From Assassination class room 114 ballots

Takebayashi possesses black colored mane combed over surrounding the corners of his or her brain and dons spherical glasses.

His own consistent comprises a match coat worn over a dress shirt and a black-tie, along with dress pants and apparel boots.

6. Milluki Zoldyck From Hunter by Hunter 123 ballots

Milluki is a seventeen-year-old kids, with short-trimmed middle-parting black colored mane and black color squinty focus.

He will be overweight thanks to not enough regular activities and bad ways of eating.

5. Tatsunosuke Sakonji From Kochikame 123 votes

Tatsunosuke Sakonji try a police officer that more often watched on your other policemen -usually Ryotsu, Sakonji and Honda- down work than working (in consistent).

4. Kazuyoshi Usui From Sket party 126 votes

Kazuyoshi Usui or change as he is far more commonly called, may minds for the Sket Dan.

As a consequence of the events that occurred in the lives, he chooses to speak through a words synthesizer on his personal computer.

3. Konata Izumi From grateful Superstar 173 votes

Konata Izumi regarded primary people associated with the grateful Superstar series. This woman is the best choice with the grateful Sensation crew as well as the girl of Sojiro Izumi and Kanata Izumi whom resides in their residence in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo.

Nicknamed Kona-chan by Tsukasa Hiiragi, she’s an eccentric but genial people

2. Sakamichi Onoda From Yowamushi Pedal 204 ballots

Sakamichi Onoda is the champion associated with the show and twelfth grade freshman. They are an affiliate regarding the Souhoku school Bicycle pub and a climbing specialized. She’s also evidently an anime otaku.

1. Umaru Doma From Himouto! Umaru-chan 241 votes

Umaru Doma may principal protagonist of Himouto! Umaru-chan program. The phrase himouto suggests dried-fish small sister.

Its a combination of himono-onna, indicating dried-fish female whos the proper outdoors but idle at your home; and imouto, little sister, but himouto could also indicate worthless lazy-bum sister.

We do hope you in this way set of Anime Nerds feedback below which have been your preferred anime nerds people? show they together with your relatives and store MOW.

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