Girls, does a dudes human body count matter is you wish to date him but are scared of used?

Girls, does a dudes human body count matter is you wish to date him but are scared of used?

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If females have high human anatomy count: you are going woman! Empowerment! Freedom! Yay.

If guys have high human body count: OMFG HE’S A PERSON AND I’LL MATTER HIS EACH MOVE

actually imma originate from the center ground on this 1. If girls or dudes have high human anatomy count imma assume that theyre usually enthusiastic about the one thing.

How come being interested is intercourse a poor thing? Some individuals actually appreciate it

its definitely not a bad thing. it just turns into a thing that is bad that’s whatever you’re shopping for in a relationship.

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Exactly Just Just What Girls & Men Stated

I don’t understand lol

Your under 18 therefore really most likely all talk most likely just being with a couple of

okay but we do not think therefore lol

Many teenagers are typical talk being there done it seen all of it

its love 12 (he is 17)

Yes that really matters. He’s had sex with 12 girls that are different

You might be welcome. Do you really like him?

yeah I really do its a story that is long. we have actually been dating for four months. We just recently discovered his body count. He’s never ever attempted to pressure me personally into anything either thus I do not know things to think lol.

Oh actually? Well then that’s new information. Their human body count is not 12

it really is lmao. he’s got a long directory of crazy exs who can concur that (in addition they all hate each other people)

When did he begin dating them? With you that could be a sign he’s not into you if he hasn’t been sexual


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