Sexting Could Actually Be An Indicator Of A Committed Relationship

Sexting Could Actually Be An Indicator Of A Committed Relationship

Why do people sext? Why do they deliver racy or naked pictures or videos and sexually loaded texts?

For a short-term hookup, sexting might look like a primary method to get everything you want – or at the least you will need to. But based on my research, sexting is obviously likely that occurs within a committed relationship. A bit of research shows that individuals frequently engage in sexting after being coerced by intimate lovers or even to avoid a disagreement with regards to intimate partner. Therefore maybe anxiety and concern by what your intimate partner believes about you promote habits like sexting.

As a development that is human whom studies exactly how technology influences relationships, i desired to comprehend if those who are anxious about dating or just around exactly what their partner thinks about them are more inclined to sext.

So how performs this relationship anxiety originate from?

One of many major theories regarding relationships is named accessory theory. It implies that how you associated with your caregiver as a baby (and vice versa) forms the way you come to view relationships later on in life.

In the event your caregiver had been attuned to your preferences and responsive, you certainly will develop a secure accessory. This means you may be more comfortable with close relationships because your experience paid down – Mom or Dad had been here once you were troubled or hungry or cool. From that experience, you discovered that relationships are reciprocal and safe, as well as your accessory anxiety is low.

If your caregiver had not been therefore attuned to your preferences, ended up being intrusive or inattentive, you may develop what exactly is called an insecure accessory. If one thing you desired emotionally or actually (love convenience) went unfulfilled, you could find yourself anxious about relationships as a grown-up. You may recognize that relationships may possibly not be trustworthy, maybe not spend money on close relationships, and avoid closeness altogether. (more…)

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