‘Otaku’ dating solution claims a number of its feminine people specifically refuse to date ‘Love reside!’ fans

‘Otaku’ dating solution claims a number of its feminine people specifically refuse to date ‘Love reside!’ fans

It’s been a couple that is rough of for Love Livers, once the many hard-core fans of anime idol franchise “Love real time!” are called. First arrived the storyline of just one getting kicked down of an admirer occasion for putting on way too much anime product on their person, and a week ago the city of Numazu chose to eliminate its “like Live! Sunshine!!” character manhole covers after a vandalism spree.

But hey, perhaps those opportunities that are dimished spending some time with anime girls will encourage Love Livers to pay more hours with genuine people, appropriate? Except, there’s a little bit of a nagging issue here too, evidently.

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This past year, anime/manga specialty merchant Tora no Ana began Tora Con, a dating solution for otaku. But while Tora Con’s pool that is dating prescreened to make sure that all people have actually a love of anime, that does not suggest its users all love the same anime, as well as on June 6, Tora Con made listed here statement thorough a now-deleted post from the formal Twitter account:

“In regards to otaku matchmaking, there clearly was a prejudice that is definite male Love Livers, and among our people are ladies who especially request to not be introduced to any males that are ‘Love Live!’ fans. Male Love Livers, please turn your frustration towards the pattern of fans whom participate in troubling behavior that is eccentric.

Having said that, this stigma is certainly not related to feminine Love Livers, whom to the contrary in many cases are chosen as a result of having the ability to enjoy a set mainly targeted at male fans.”

в–ј “Love Live! Sunshine!!’s” very very first episode (Warning: watching/enjoying will make you less well-liked by ladies).

Some Twitter users were inquisitive as to whether this is merely an instance of females not liking males whom watch idol or adorable woman anime, and asked if comparable demands have been created by female Tora Con users never to be introduced to males who’re fans of “like Live!’s” rival idol anime “The Idolmaster” or magical girl series “Pretty Cure,” whoever primary audience is girls. (more…)

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